The THINK SPORTS BALL & CONSULTING LTD. is a business management career footballers, founded in 2000, which aims to provide its athletes with a wide range of services involving not only the discussion and conclusion of employment contracts with the clubs, but the recovery footballer in the midst of its operations in Brazil and abroad and in all media.

Through a permanent advisory Think Ball gives athletes all support for decision making in many areas, from investment, through social behavior, even the most complex family situations.

Constantly investments are made to support the careers of athletes represented, offering media relations, website development themselves, creation and distribution of custom materials, in short, every kind of resource is spent for the common goal is achieved, ie, success Our professional players.

However, investments also has a social, since in many cases the Think Ball develops the careers of young athletes who come from families with low income, there are few times that the firm provides assistance with basic food, medicine, clothing, shelter, etc., not only for the footballer in training, but for all family. In addition, the company sponsors educational activities, such as in the distribution of booklets 2007 environmental education in tolls.

When it comes to negotiating contracts, Think Ball also comes out ahead. With broad support from the legal department, the best deals are sealed with ethics and respect to the parties, characteristics that make Think Ball one of the most respected companies in the industry, in Brazil and abroad.

Contracts are always negotiated successfully by those who understand the subject more. With professionals who know the day-to-day and clubs that cater to the desires of athletes, Think Ball seeks the best for their players and their families, guiding and celebrating the best deals of the football market.

Our players who play abroad enjoy special attention to not suffer with the ghost of 'loneliness' and 'forgetfulness', initially sought to adapt the living conditions of the player in the new country, after the company's partners traveling to visit them frequently and telephone contact is routine. On the other hand the media outlets are always updated with the news and performances of these athletes, who despite the distance are present in our soccer scene.

We must also emphasize that the success of our services can be verified numerically for all our represented, which soon see their wages increase in financial conditions and geometric scale, which proves once again that fame have always near the Clubs negotiate better contracts for Athletes.

Receiving awards is a happy routine in the history of Think Ball and only come to attest to the quality of our services and expertise of all employees, it is undeniable that we operate in one of the most competitive sectors in Brazil.